Guns: Changing the Conversation

Is there a better way to talk about guns in America?

The Zeidler Center for Public Discussion and the Guns, Grief, and Grace Documentary Project invite you to to add your voice to the upcoming dialogue series about guns in our city, our state, and our nation:

• March 29 — Guns in our City: An Evening of Stories and Dialogue (7-
9:30p at The Polish Falcon Hall, 801 E. Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI)

• April 1 — Guns in our State: A Facilitated Dialogue (6-9p, The Body &
Soul Healing Arts Center, 3617 N. 48th

• April 10 — Guns in our Nation: A Facilitated Dialogue (6-9p, The Body &
Soul Healing Arts Center, 3617 N. 48th

What are the life stories that shape us? These facilitated dialogues will bring together people of diverse beliefs in a safe atmosphere in order to increase understanding. The series will feature an interplay of storytellers and film clips from Janet Fitch’s award-winning documentary project, Guns, Grief and Grace in America. The goal is to develop sensitivity and mutual respect for one another, rather than consensus.


Please respond to each prompt to help us ensure diverse and balanced dialogue groups, and to help us be more prepared, effective designers and facilitators of the dialogue.

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GUN VIEWS: What do you think is most important?: To control gun ownership (1) to protect the rights of Americans to own guns (10)
SOCIAL VIEWS: Authority and tradition obeyed (1) to personal freedom maximized (10)

* 5. HIGHEST level of education

* 6. Race and Ethnicity

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* 8. What are your hopes and concerns for "Guns: Changing the Conversation," both during the meetings and when the series is over?

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By clicking yes, I acknowledge that I understand my answers will be shared anonymously with university faculty conducting research on the subject of gun violence. If you have questions, please email Katherine Wilson at or call (414) 446-1502.