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KVR Audio Celebrates 10 Years!

We’re celebrating 10 years as the number one news resource for audio plug-ins with a contest all year long!

Every month we’ll give away a prize from a major software developer, gear manufacturer or educational institution – that’s over $10,000 worth of amazing prizes! All you have to do is fill out our quick survey and you are entered to win. You only need to fill it out once and you’ll be entered all year.

Your responses will be treated with the highest possible confidentiality and anonymity. You will not need to provide us with any personal information. Your email address and name will be required, however, at the end of the survey, to enter the prize drawing -- but neither will be associated with your specific responses when we analyze the survey results. Translation: It's the information that's important to us, not who it belongs to.

Finally, please only fill out the survey once. We promise we'll enter you for prizes all year and it will help to make our survey responses accurate.

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PS: Your help on this survey means a lot! And remember, if you want to be eligible to win the prize drawing, your contact info will not be shared with any third party or used for any other purpose.