To apply for participation in this research study, please answer all questions below. Candidates who meet the study criteria will be contacted. Thank you for applying!

Session dates: January 17-22
Session location: Remote
Session length: 45 minutes
Honorarium amount: $50

* 1. This is a nationwide U.S. study. Please indicate your time zone:

* 2. Have you previously participated in a focus group or other user/market research?

* 3. Please list the purpose and date of all studies in which you have participated in the last 2 years. (If you haven’t participated in any studies, enter “none.”)

* 4. Which of the following best describes your employment situation?

* 5. What company or organization do you work for? (Exact name, please.)

* 6. What is your job title?

* 7. What is the highest level of education you have attained?