Here at St. Michael Parish, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a group of 12 elected lay persons, the clergy, and some staff members that meets up to 7 times per year (Sept – June). 

The purpose of the PPC is to assist the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education and service activities within the parish.

This year 4 new members will be elected for a 3-year term.  Members are expected to make a conscientious effort to attend PPC meetings and Welcome Sunday gatherings.  They may also be asked to participate in sub-committees. 

Present Pastoral Parish Council Elected Members:
Carlyn Crane*, Mary Julie Gregoire, Mimi Harrington*, Peter Lafond, Donna O’Brien, Mary O’Neil, Socorro Ramos, Pat Riley*, Paul Rock, Joe Smith, Frank Terranova*, Bob Tweedie       

Nomination form due:  Sunday, May 13, by 7pm 
Election to be held: June 9 & 10, 2018 (Absentee ballots will be available!)

Please use the form below to nominate a member of our parish who you      believe has the faith, the listening skills, and the ability to give wise counsel to the pastor.  It might even be you!  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in nominating someone who will help our parish. If you have questions or need more information, call our chairperson, Mary Gregoire at 978-689-2928

* 1. Who do you nominate for the Parish Pastoral Council (please give first and last name)?

* 2. What is the address of the person you are nominating (if you know it)?

* 3. What is the phone number of your nominee? If you do not have it, please give your phone number.

* 4. What is the email address of your nominee? If you do not have it, please include your email address.

* 5. What are his/her greatest strengths?

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