Your Bali Questionnaire

So here's the deal. Some of you will be more into this than others, but the truth is- allowing yourself to be honest about your dreams is a really important thing in this world. No matter if it's speaking in front of huge crowds, or writing a book, or living on a farm with a huge family. They're your dreams, and I want to know them. This is held in total confidence between you and I. Thank you in advance for your trust in me.

* 1. Personal Info

* 2. Rank in order with 1 being the most important:

* 3. What does amazing success look like for you in the next year?

* 4. What is your biggest daily obstacle/challenge?

* 5. How do you spend your time daily? Describe a "typical day" for you. What you do from when you get up in the morning until when you go to bed at night.

* 6. Have you ever worked with a coach or sought guidance to attain what you really want in life before this?

* 7. Please let me know any overall big life dreams you most likely place in the "someday" category. (do yourself a favor, GO BIG and lean in here)

* 8. What pulled you to come on this trip with me?