1. Introduction

The aims of this survey are to understand views of professional accountants in ASEAN countries in relation to (a) types of services provided to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), challenges faced by their clients in ASEAN nations (b) potential growth areas  relating to financial and management accounting  practices for SMEs in ASEAN countries. Lastly, the survey aims to understand  time spent by the professional accountants into different accounting and management practices for SMEs in advancing their business partnership and growth for their clients business.

The involvement of participants and the deadline of survey:

Research participants will be asked to express their views and opinions on the issues under study. In this case, as a participants, you are requested to complete the following questionnaire. The time to complete questionnaire depend on the availability of the respondents, but should require approximately 15 to 20 minutes. In this survey, people who will be participating will not face any risk as their personal and organisational identity will neither be sought nor be disclosed, and they may refuse to take part or withdraw at any time without explanation, or refuse to answer a question.
The estimated deadline of completing survey is  up to 11:50 PM (Australian Time), 30 September, 2017. Nevertheless, it would be highly appreciated if you can participate in the survey well in advance and complete the survey before the deadline.

Only the researcher will have access to the individual information provided by respondents. Privacy and confidentiality will be assured at all times of study. The research results will be provided in a report to the Faculty of Business, Government and Law,  University of Canberra and will also be presented at conferences and written up for journal publication. Funded by the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA) key findings of the project will also be presented in the annual conference to be hosted by AFA during December, 2017. During all stages of project, the privacy and confidentiality of individuals will be protected.


The identity of the interviewees of this study will be strictly anonymous. Also, please be assured that the reports of the research will not reveal concrete information to identify any individual participated in this study.

Data Storage and Ethics Committee Clearance

The information gathered by the researcher will be stored securely on a password protected computer in the office of the researcher at the University of Canberra for the required five-year period and it will be destroyed according to university protocols. The project has been approved by the Committee for Ethics in Human Research of the University.


Queries and Concerns

Queries or concerns regarding the research can be directed to the researchers: Harun Harun (Harun.Harun@canberra.edu.au), and Habib Khan (Habib.Khan@canberra.edu.au). They will answer any queries.

 Thank you for your time.

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