**Please note that you will not be compensated for responding to this questionnaire; you will only be compensated if you are invited and complete the study.**


Please fill out this quick survey if you're interested in participating in this research. All of your details are kept confidential and are only used to help us find suitable participants - we will not share your information for marketing or sales purposes in any way.

For each research effort we conduct, we need to make sure that we invite people who match our target profile for the product we are researching. We also want to get a good balance of work backgrounds, technology usage, and levels of experience, so please be honest and thorough with your answers.

If you're not a match for this particular study, we'll be scheduling more that may be right for you. Space for this study is limited and not everyone will be selected to participate.

Should you be selected to participate, and after successful completion of the research activities, you'll receive:

$200 Amazon.com gift certificate

Entry into a random drawing to win a new iPad mini (odds of winning drawing are 1 in 40)

This is our way of thanking you for your valuable time and feedback. Thank you! First, let's start with some basic information....

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