Committee Description

The Residence Hall Student Association has 5 Committees. They are: Community Service, Cultural Festival, DubStep into Leadership, National Residence Hall Month, and Winter Formal Committees. The time commitment for each committee varies depending on how involve you plan to be. If you have any questions, please email us at This application is due on Monday Oct. 1 at 11:59 PM

Their Descriptions are as follows:

The Community Service Committee organizes and participates in community service opportunities for students on the SUNY New Paltz campus. Resources from both on and off campus will be used to help build community. The Committee will encourage others to participate in volunteer opportunities and get involved in the community and the world around them.

The Winter Formal Committee prepares a huge formal program in the Spring Semester. They are responsible for finding a DJ, decorations, theme, photo booth and food.This is one of the biggest programs on campus.

The Cultural Festival Committee was founded to put together a festival, so to speak, that will allow students to have a good time while they learn about the aspects that make up other cultures. We will arrange entertainment, hopefully student provided, and set up catering from different restaurants in town to make the event as diverse as possible for a one day big event.

The Dubstep Committee wants the students at SUNY New Paltz to learn how to be an effective leader in the safety of their home campus through leadership workshops throughout the acedemic year. They can become familiar with programming that has been done across the country and apply it to their own lives, along with original programming thought up by the Dubstep Committee. We aim to instill a love of programming and leadership to every participant in the Dubstep Program.

The National Residence Hall Month takes place throughout the month of April each year. All month long, the major goal is to celebrate life inside of the residence halls, and a commitment to creating and enjoying a wonderful environment for all of those who live in and interact with the on campus community.


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