* 1. Please select your campus.

* 2. Communities In Schools (CIS) has provided me with an orientation or written information regarding the CIS program.

* 3. I am familiar with the CIS Campus Service Delivery Plan.

* 4. CIS staff provides me with updates regarding progress towards implementing the Campus Service Delivery Plan.

* 5. CIS is assisting students in overcoming barriers to their success.

* 6. CIS has improved access to resources for students and teachers

* 7. CIS follows up regarding referrals made and needs of students on my campus.

* 8. CIS has made a positive impact on my campus.

* 9. CIS is assisting students in the following areas on my campus:

  Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree
Parental Involvement
Social Services

* 10. What other services or improvements to the CIS program would you like to see on your campus?

* 11. What are the greatest strengths of the CIS program on your campus?