TEQ LIP is conducting this survey to assess how the pandemic has impacted the access to programs and  services among newcomers who have limited access to technology. We also attempt to assess how digital literacy affects access to services.

Your input will help service providers to have a better understanding  of what is working well and what are the challenges faced by residents in accessing the services remotely.

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* 1. Informed Consent:

Your participation in the study is completely voluntary and you can stop participating at any time. All information you give us during the research will be confidential and anonymous.

I understand the purpose of the survey and I agree to participate in this study by TEQ LIP. Please select I agree or I do not agree below. If you select “I agree” you are consenting or agreeing to take this survey.

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* 2. Are you a newcomer who has lived in Canada for less than  five years?

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* 3. Are you living in Scarborough and/or accessing settlement services in Scarborough?

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