We are offering FREE entry to those who offer TWO workshops or performances (2 x 1hour 20mins session - You can offer to do the same workshop/performance twice) or a reduced ticket price for those who offer one workshop/session (1hour 20mins). We shall give you the booking code once we finalise the programme.

We will be in touch with everyone who has shown an interest to let you know if your workshop or performance will be on the programme (the more the merrier, so keep the ideas and offers coming in)

If you don't hear from us straight away, please don't worry. We are busy planning and scheduling, but we do want to get all the artists and creative workers signed up as soon as possible, so we will be in touch.

We aim to keep the event low maintenance, using recycled or up-cycled equipment as far as possible, and keeping technology to a minimum. Please bear this in mind when planning your workshop. There will be no amplification for music/performances, small amps for bass guitar/keyboard are possible, but they must match the volume of the unamplified bits

Thanks for your interest, time and passion

NonStuff Team

PLEASE NOTE**** could all workshop leaders please send this form prior to 30th June. Many thanks

Musicians and performers applications may arrive later, but please get in touch if you are interested james@jameschapman.org.uk

* Would you like to commit to offering a workshop/s or a performance? Each time slot is 1hour 20mins, please state whether it is one or two workshops/performances.

* Please indicate which category your workshop, performance or activity would fall into. You can chose more than one category if you would like to offer different workshops, or if it comes under two headings.

* Title of performance, workshop, talk, session and a brief description (two lines minimum)

* Which day/s would suit you to offer your session/s? Times to be confirmed

* Please write a paragraph explaining in more detail your performance, workshop, talk or hands-on session, stating the aims of the workshop, the content and who it may interest.

* Please write a paragraph on who you are (Biography) no more than 80 words

* What type (if any) of handout or information will you be offering participants?
Includes names of any local groups or online information/forums to sign up to

Performers: Please send us a link to your music, videos, photos etc

**please remember that all perfomances will be unamplified, small amps for bass guitar/keyboard are possible, but they must match the volume of the unamplified bits

* Anything else you need to tell us? Please state any assistance or support you would require to offer your workshop or performance. Any other information which you feel we need to know?

* Please give us contact details so we can get in touch to chat further. Your name or stage name, website and type of activity would be listed on our programme. Telephone numbers, emails and addresses are for the organisers only and would be private.

Many thanks in advance