Online Safety Survey for Parents and Carers

1.Please select the year group(s) your child(ren) is/are in.
2.Does/Do your child(ren) have access to the Internet at home?
3.If yes, on what sort of device(s) can they access the Internet?
4.If yes, where in the house does/do your child(ren) access the Internet?
5.Estimate the number of hours your child(ren) spend on the Internet each day.
6.Do you know how to check the privacy settings on the device(s) your child is using?
7.Do you regularly discuss safe rules for Internet browsing with your child(ren)?
8.What does/do your child(ren) do online?
9.Does/Do your child(ren) have the same friends online and offline?
10.Would you like to learn more about Online Safety?