Medfield Open Space and Recreation Plan Survey

The Medfield Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee, in conjunction with the Conservation Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission, is updating the existing Open Space and Recreation Plan as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Plan assists town government by assessing needs and setting priorities as expressed by the residents. Additionally, a current Open Space and Recreation Plan qualifies the town for open space grants that help fund the acquisition of open space and the protection of important town resources.

In order to complete its Plan update, the Committee needs your help in completing this survey. The survey addresses the needs both for open space needs and active recreational facilities. All survey responses will be included in the summation of results and presented in open forum discussions following the close of the response period. We appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions below, and additional comments may be placed at the end of the survey. Any questions should be directed to Leslee Willitts, Conservation Agent at Thank you for your help!