As a kickoff to Through The Chakras // A Seven Week Journey, I thought it would be incredibly fun to send out a chakra check. What is a chakra? Chakras are located in our astral bodies and can't be seen with the naked eye. However, they can definitely be felt - especially if one or more is out of balance, constricted or closed. Chakras are the subtle energy bodies connected with the spinal column, various organ systems, and channel systems (meridians and nadis).

These energy channels transmit and exchange the energy flow between you and your environment. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency, have their own unique associated sound, element, vibration, and color. The lower the chakra, the slower the vibration. The higher the chakra, the faster the vibration. All seven chakras need to be balanced to achieve overall health and healing.

The lower three chakras represent the physical body: safety, survival, sex, and action. The fourth chakra acts as the bridge to the upper three chakras, which connect us to our higher self, the universe, and spirit. All of the chakras must be balanced for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Mind, Body, Spirit - or as I like to refer to it, The Holy Trinity. Imbalances can cause physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Healthy chakras that are in expansion are when life is in balance. When functioning as they should, we feel safe and stable and usually just feel great - both emotionally and physically. We can easily express how we're feeling, our emotions, and are in touch with the overall sensuality of being human. We feel inspired, fueled, and passionate; self-empowered and confident. We feel open to expression and highly creative. We trust our choices, our intuition and have the ability to stand in our purpose knowing we are each uniquely divine.

Throughout the course of Through The Chakras // A Seven Week Journey, you will learn how to open and work with your chakras. But the first step is identifying which of your chakras may be in need of additional time, love, and attention. If you're wanting to make significant changes in any part of your life, the best way is to go within as what is done to heal the inside - reflects back to us on the outside. As we balance our chakras, we are working with our energy fields to bring them to full health. The result is wholeness and wellness - attracting new opportunities, people, situations, and improving the overall quality of our lives.


As you go through this questionnaire, it's important to remember there's no right or wrong - no good or bad. Take extra care to not judge yourself or overthink it. It's simply about awareness and information. The more we know and learn about our energy, protecting our energy, and how we expend our energy, the more we can balance these things accordingly.

The results from this quiz will show you if you have any imbalances (excessive or deficient energy) in your chakras. You may also find you are excessive in one chakra while being deficient in another. I have found that sometimes when we experience an imbalance, another chakra will try and pick up the slack. It's like when you have a physical injury and the body finds other ways to overcompensate.

I wish you many blessings on this journey and if you find that you want to learn more or learn how to balance your chakras, this seven week online workshop may be just the answer you've been looking for.

With Love,
Mary Rogers

* 1. My diet is healthy and balanced most of the time

* 2. I feel good about my body and exercise regularly

* 3. I hardly ever feel grumpy, irritable, or exhausted and am usually a happy person that feels at peace

* 4. I'm generally well organized, find it easy to stay focused, and am detail oriented

* 5. I am content with my level of prosperity and abundance

If you answered No more than 3 - 4 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your root chakra.

If your root chakra is in balance, you will usually feel good about yourself. You'll have a healthy relationship with your body, you'll be well grounded, and  will feel safe and secure. You will be happy with your overall finances and quality of life. You will be able to process and be more of a solution based/problem solving individual. You will be organized, focused, and have an innate sense of clarity and purpose. You're someone who trusts yourself and follows your gut instincts.

If you have an over-active root chakra, you may have an addiction to food or experience a feeling of always being hungry. Physically, you will tend to be on the heavier side or overweight. You may find yourself low on energy, feeling tired, lethargic, and heavy. You may feel that you focus too much on money, are driven by greed, or highly focused on materialism. You tend to dislike disruption and change.

If you have an under-active root chakra, you may find yourself underweight and have a sense of feeling flighty. You have a fearful disposition and often feel scattered, unfocused, and that life is full of chaos. You may find yourself constantly worried about money, have feelings of being unsafe, and have probably changed jobs frequently. You predominately live in fantasy and day dreams and lack an overall sense of security.

* 6. I am a sensual person and enjoy healthy intimate relationships

* 7. I find it easy to express my feelings and identify my needs

* 8. I regularly make time for self-care and doing things I enjoy

* 9. I regularly feel creative

* 10. I love movement and find ways to move my body regularly

If you answered No more than 3 - 4 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your sacral chakra.

If your sacral chakra is in balance, you usually find it easy to express yourself easily without feeling overwhelmed. You are in touch with your own sensuality and enjoy having an intimate relationship with another. You find it second nature to take time out for you, nurture yourself, and do things you find pleasurable. You will have moments of inspiration and creativity. You are usually easy-going, adaptable, and find it easy to go-with-the-flow.

If you have an over-active sacral chakra, you may find yourself being in constant emotional turmoil, experiencing frequent mood swings, and surrounded by drama. You may be needy and frequently be told you're too sensitive or overly emotional. You may be overly promiscuous and often co-dependent. You have a tendency to over-indulge in life's pleasures.

If you have an under-active sacral chakra, you may experience difficulty being intimate in relationships, experience sexual dysfunction, and repressed sexual desires. You may lack a zest for life as you find it difficult or feel self-indulgent when doing things that are pleasurable to you. You may find it difficult to express yourself and/or your emotions. You may feel lonely or alone as you have difficulty forming close relationships.

* 11. I laugh and smile often and overall feel a great sense of joy

* 12. I feel confident about myself and in most situations

* 13. I easily identify and express my boundaries

* 14. I easily make decisions and stand up for myself when needed

* 15. I have a clear sense of direction and am satisfied with my career path

If you answered No more than 3 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your solar plexus.

If your solar plexus is in balance you will have confidence, feel good about yourself, and have a strong sense of self-worth. You recognize your own inner strength. You enjoy trying new things, are often spontaneous, and enjoy the prospect of a new challenge. You will feel a deep sense of self-satisfaction and experience great joy, happiness, and laughter in your life.

If you have an over-active solar plexus, you may find yourself often feel dissatisfied along with often having outbursts of aggressive behavior. You may be controlling, dominant, and be overly stubborn or unyielding. You may have a tendency of being highly competitive, cocky, or arrogant. You have an inherent need to always be right. You seek outward validation and praise.

If you have an under-active solar plexus, you may experience low energy, be considered weak or lazy, have little or no will-power, and have difficulty setting boundaries. You often feel used or like a doormat. You may be shy, withdrawn, and avoid social situations. You tend to have a more serious outlook on life, can easily fall into depression, and avoid taking risks.

* 16. I am a generous person and feel genuine happiness for others

* 17. I have open, honest relationships and find it easy to forgive

* 18. I empathize easily with other living beings, have deep compassion and understanding

* 19. I can accept responsibility for my actions and apologize easily if I have done wrong

* 20. I am kind to myself and accept myself as I am

If you answered No more than 3 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your heart chakra.

If your heart chakra is in balance, you have an overall loving, compassionate, and understanding relationship with yourself and others. You can empathize, take responsibility, and easily have intimate and loving relationships. You are a giver and are able to hold space for yourself and others. You move through life with joy, openness, and lightness. You are non-judgmental and try to see things from the anther's perspective. You don't hold grudges and have a healthy and balanced outlook on life.

If you have an over-active heart chakra, you may frequently experience feelings of jealousy. You may be overly possessive. You seek constant external validation. You typically lack in love for self, are often insecure, co-dependent, and craving connection and love. You may choose people in your life to "fix" so as to earn the love of another. You feel a need to prove your worth as to prove you are worthy of love.

If you have an under-active heart chakra, you may feel withdrawn from others or seem cold and withdrawn. You may lack compassion or empathy. You find it difficult to forgive and often hold onto grudges and past hurts. You may display a bitter or cynical outlook on life. You can be quite judgmental and have a hard time letting down your walls, letting people in, or allowing others to get close to you.

* 21. I can pick up on other's energy or 'vibes' easily

* 22. I am a good listener

* 23. I generally feel in sync with my life and can easily be myself with others

* 24. I feel comfortable speaking my truth and can articulate what I am wanting to express

* 25. I have a strong, clear voice

If you answered No more than 3 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your throat chakra.

If your throat chakra is in balance, you are typically a good listener, you can express yourself easily without causing confusion, you mean what you say, and can communicate authentically. In a more subtle way, you are easily able to identify and tap into the energy around you, within yourself, and with others. You are able to tune in to what's not being said and can connect easily to yourself and your intuition. You are typically happy with the overall quality of your life, and enjoy those around you, what you do, and where you live. You feel in harmony with life.

If you have an over-active throat chakra, you tend to talk too much. You have a hard time listening to others without feeling the need to jump in and share how the conversation relates to you or sharing similar experiences. Meaning you aren't a very good listener and often struggle with patience as others speak. You tend to dominate conversations. You tend to be gossipy and have are prone to complain a lot, be negative, and speak negatively of others.

If you have an under-active throat chakra, you may find it difficult and almost painful to express yourself, to open up, to tell others what you are thinking or feeling as you can never find the right words. You may feel quiet, shy, and withdrawn and possibly speak in low tones. You often feel you have to wear a mask around others and have difficulty coming up with things to say. You may be of a more meek disposition.

* 26. I trust my intuition and act on the guidance I receive

* 27. I remember most of my dreams vividly and with clarity

* 28. I believe in signs and synchronicity

* 29. I am open to psychic or supernatural experiences

* 30. I can visualize easily and value the power of my imagination

If you answered No more than 3 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your third eye chakra.

If your third eye chakra is in balance, you are in touch with your intuition and trust the insights you receive. You're able to clearly visualize what you want and what you want to accomplish. You may have psychic abilities or a strong connection with your 'sixth sense.' You recognize the importance of your dreams and value the importance of your imagination. Life seems to unfold in a synchronistic way and you are always on the lookout for clear messages and signs.

If you have an over-active third eye chakra, you may experience frequent nightmares, hallucinations, night terrors, or obsessive fantasies. You may have a constant feeling of walking between worlds and often have a sense that you have lost touch with reality. You may often question your sanity and as you have difficulty grounding, may often feel you have your head in the clouds.

If you have an under-active third eye chakra, you may find you are very forgetful and have difficulty remembering things; poor memory. You may not be able to tune in to signs and synchronicity and have difficulty visualizing. You may experience great difficulty problem-solving and are often fearful or doubtful of psychic or supernatural experiences.

* 31. I regularly meditate or make time for self and soul reflection

* 32. I have a sense of sacredness and spirituality in my life

* 33. I feel like I am living my soul's purpose and bring spirituality into my daily life

* 34. I often slow down and notice the wonder all around me in gratitude

* 35. I feel connected to a universal consciousness beyond that which is mine alone

If you answered No more than 3 times, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in your crown chakra.

If your crown chakra is in balance, you feel connected to everyone and everything around you. You feel deeply connected to the world. You are connected to spiritual consciousness, human existence, and live your in alignment with your soul's purpose. You live in the present, released from the past, and not worrying about what tomorrow may bring. Your life feels sacred and you find value and depth in every experience; able to extract your lessons and blessings even from the hurtful and mundane.

If you have an over-active crown chakra, you will feel ethereal; disconnected from your body and this human experience. You may escape through spirituality denying your most basic of physical needs. You may be neglectful of your comfort, diet, or struggling with poverty in exchange of loftier spiritual aims. Your world may be dominated by spiritual visions or the supernatural but are unable to integrate spirituality in an every day practice. You may over-intellectualize or become preoccupied with knowledge at the expense of having a real experience and understanding of the world around you.

If you have an under-active crown chakra, you may find you are very forgetful and have difficulty remembering things; poor memory. You may not be able to tune in to signs and synchronicity and have difficulty visualizing. You may experience great difficulty problem-solving and are often fearful or doubtful of psychic or supernatural experiences.