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What keeps you engaged in the games you play?

My name is Maddy Herd and I am an Honours student at the University of Adelaide. 

You are invited to participate in a unique study about gaming which aims to look more in-depth at the motivations and reasons for playing video games. We want to know what makes you feel passionate and invested in gaming and what you get out of gaming over time.

Lots of research has already been conducted regarding the positive and negative consequences of gaming but we really don’t understand the psychological processes that keep us playing games. 

This study asks questions about what keeps you engaged in games. 

Participation: Completely voluntary. Your data will be anonymous. You are invited to participate because you are 18 years or older, speak English, and play games.

Survey: I am asking about general demographic information (age and gender etc) as well as gaming history, activity, thoughts and beliefs about games, important features of games, what you want from games, any conflict between games and other aspects of life.

There are some open-ended questions because I would like your feedback on the study or tell me about anything I didn’t ask.

The study should only take 15-20 minutes of your time. 

Any risks? No - this is just a study about your gaming experiences. But if this study raises any issues for you, I encourage you to contact me with any concerns (see below) or if you feel upset to seek help from Lifeline, a crisis support group (ph. no: 13 11 44).

For more information: If you have any queries regarding the study, please contact me at or my supervisor at the School of Psychology, University of Adelaide: Dr Daniel King, (HREC Approval number: H-2015-16/32)

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