EOI for skating in the Mitchell Mile

Shiner Town is hosting a skating race in the Mitchell Mile.  This race is open to men and women quad and inline roller skaters who are over 18.

The skating event begins at 1pm and there will be two races. Participation will cost $30.00 per skater. Helmets are compulsory and safety gear is highly recommended. All participants must sign a waiver and skate at their own risk.
There will be prizes for the fastest skaters. 

Shiner Town will contact you next week to confirm your participation. Depending on the number of EOIs, you may need to complete a time trial to qualify. 
Once expressions of interest are submitted then Shiner Town will organise what the races will be (i.e. men/women, quad/inline, etc). 

We are also looking for volunteers, without who this event could not happen. So if you are free to volunteer after your race please tick the appropriate box in the survey.

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