* 1. The automated phone system was easy to navigate through:

* 2. The Infiniti Pharmacy Staff was courteous and helpful:

* 3. I received the assistance I needed during pharmacy business hours:

* 4. Referrals received with completed information were processed in adequate time:

* 5. The medication(s), equipment and/or supplies were filled accurately:

* 6. The Infiniti Pharmacy Clinical Management Team help improve the outcome of our patients' therapy:

* 7. The Patient Advocate Team help our office staff throughout our patients' treatment:

* 8. The nursing services provided met my needs and expectations:

* 9. I would recommend Infiniti Pharmacy to my colleagues, friends and family:

* 10. Please give us suggestions on how to improve our services. 
If you have any complaints or concerns with our service, please let us know: