This survey is designed to solicit your nomination for the best undergraduate research and/or creative activity faculty mentors on campus by academic division. What this means is that this faculty member has supervised a project or projects in which you have been engaged for a class, a capstone, an independent study, or some non-class related research or creative activity and has done an exemplary job. Please answer the questions posed keeping the following criteria in mind: "Great mentors... 1) offer good advice and valuable information to mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee's own path to academic and professional success; 2) generously give of their time and expertise to provide feedback and guidance regarding mentee's work; 3) help create a vital and engaged academic community by involving students in their publications and/or conference presentations, as well as sharing knowledge of such opportunities; and 4) serve as role models for their students by maintaining high standards for excellence within the discipline."

* 1. Please provide your name and e-mail address.

* 2. What is your class year?

* 3. Please enter the name and academic department (or program) of the faculty member you are nominating for this award.

* 4. What type of project(s) has your mentor helped you with? Please check all that apply.

* 5. Please provide at least one example of when your mentor shared valuable information or gave good advice that helped you develop your own path to academic and/or professional success.

* 6. Please provide at least one example of when your mentor shared his/her time and expertise in critiquing your work.

* 7. If applicable, has your mentor ever involved you in his/her research and/or given you co-authorship on a publication? If so, please be specific.

* 8. Has your mentor ever invited you to present with him/her at a professional conference or in another kind of professional venue e.g., a theater production or musical performance?

* 9. Did your mentor encourage you to present your work at a conference or other applicable performance venue, including Celebration? If so, what was the venue/conference?

* 10. Does your mentor share information with you regarding possible places where you might submit your work for professional or peer review?

* 11. Assuming that you view your mentor as a role model because of the high standards s/he maintains for excellence as a teacher and within his/her discipline, please provide examples as to how you have seen your mentor demonstrate these standards of excellence.

* 12. Are there any other reasons that you think your mentor deserves this award that we haven't asked you about?