Question Title - we help new businesses worldwide stay away from poor brand names - we help new businesses worldwide stay away from poor brand names
Thanks for your interest in helping new brands successfully launch in your country! Here's how to do that and have a chance to WIN:
  1. Sign up with this form. You do not have to answer all questions, but doing so increases your chance of being contacted for a brand survey. All your data is safe and is never shared directly with any 3rd party
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  3. If there's an active survey for you, you will receive your unique survey link by email (usually within 2-4 business hours after registration). This is how we track your participation. Please check your Spam or Promotions folder to make sure you don't miss the survey!
  4. When you fully complete at least 1 survey, you will be entered into our monthly raffle (50 EUR cash and more cool prizes)
  5. After the raffle is complete (beginning of next month), you will be notified about the results by email (both if you win and if you don't).
  6. If you win, you'll have a choice of methods for redeeming your prize (PayPal, Amazon gift cards, etc.). You will have 7 days to claim your prize.
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Nimi is currently recruiting a VERY limited number of Early Supporters in each country that will enjoy amazing benefits:
  • at least 3x higher payouts per survey, starting from second completed survey (our surveys usually take 3-6 minutes)
  • at least 3x higher referral bonuses for anyone you invite to join us (after they answer their first survey)
  • ability to directly influence the evolution of Nimi
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