2017 General Election Survey - 2 Initiatives

All responses collected in this survey shall be evaluatedĀ in aggregate form unless you request contact as noted in questions 7, 8, and 9.

* 1. I am a registered voter (or will be) for the 2017 election in Loveland, OH

* 2. I want the right to directly elect our city Mayor.

* 3. I want the Vice Mayor to be selected as the Council Member with most votes at each municipal election.

* 4. I support Term Limits for public officials elected at-large by voters beginning with those elected into office in 2017.

* 5. I am a concerned community member of the City of Loveland because (check all that apply):

* 6. Likelihood I will vote in November election:

* 7. The best way to keep me informed of these issues is:

* 8. I am willing to volunteer to get voter signatures or work the polls for these issues.

* 9. Contact Information: