What's Your Skin Score?

When determining where to begin on your journey to great skin, it is important to identify a baseline. This little questionnaire is a smaller version of what will be given to you at your first skin analysis. It works as a guide to figure out which treatments might be a fit for your needs or concerns. 
This Skin Score analysis is comprised of 3 sections, Skin, Body and Mind because we believe in order to, "be the best you yet" all of these areas need make you happy. 
Take just two minutes to rate your feelings on the below and bring this along to your first skin analysis at Derma Health!

Skin Questions
How Noticeable are...

Age / Brown / Red Spots

Lines & Wrinkles

Blotchy or uneven skin tone

Sagging or loose skin

Body Questions
How satisfied are you with...

Abdominal area 


Chin/Neck area


Hips and/or Thighs

Mind Questions
How often do you feel...


A lack of confidence

Out of shape