Community Needs Assessment Survey

Purpose: We are conducting a community-wide survey to obtain the opinion of our community and constituents, Arabs and Friends of Arabs, about social service needs and cultural programs priorities you want to see for the future at the Arab American Cultural and Community Center (ACC). Your Opinion matters to us!
We kindly request you take about 8 minutes of your time to complete this survey and help us build better and more responsive community resources for the future. We are not collecting any names so you can test assured that your responses will remain anonymous.

Outcome: A center that aligns its services and programs with the community needs and interests to better serve you.

About the Arab American Center (ACC): The ACC is a non-profit, non-political non-religious cultural and community center. Its mission is to serve the needs of our community, and to preserve and foster a greater understanding of our diverse Arab culture. Our goal is to serve the community through cultural programs, outreach and social services; to promote Arab Culture and Heritage and to foster a greater understanding of Arab Culture amongst the Houston community at large by serving as a liaison and resource center.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important to us.