Completing the Assessment

The point of this assessment is to give you a thorough, warts-and-all assessment of how ready your company's or your business unit's marketing, sales and business development are to restart the revenue engine and start winning, growing and retaining customers again, and drive growth coming out of COVID.  

The Assessment HeatMap and accompanying report you will receive, will provide you with critical insights about your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats when it comes to generating revenue, and about how your organisation stacks up across 36 core drivers of revenue capability.

What you do with those insights will be up to you.  There's absolutely no obligation on your part.  All we want to do is help you understand exactly where you are in terms of your capabilities, so you can chart a better and safer course towards where you want to get to.  This journey is going to be difficult enough without setting off in the wrong direction, from a wobbly platform or based on poor or incorrect assumptions. 

You will find seven major sections.  Most are of the "Agree - Disagree" variety, but some require short text answers and at the end of each section you will find space for more expansive free text responses should you wish to make any.  You can comment generally at this point or expand on a specific question you answered earlier.  If you feel a question is a simple "Yes or "No" then select "Strongly Agree or "Strongly Disagree".  If you think a question is not relevant to you, or you just can't answer it, you can simply leave it blank and move on.  The post COVID environment means that so much is not known.  Try not to worry about that as you move through the questions.  Control what you can control and prepare as best you can for what you can't.  But even if you are uncertain about certain things. even your opinions and perspectives might turn out to be insightful.  You don't necessarily have to have a 100% definitive answer in order for your perspectives and insights to be valuable.

In this assessment we refer to "customers".  If your business uses or prefers "clients", in the context of this exercise, they mean the same thing.

The whole assessment generally takes our clients 30-40 mins to complete - occasionally up to an hour.  You can pause and save anytime you like, and return later.  If you have any problems or dramas along the way, shoot us an email to being sure to put SURVEY PROBLEM in the title.  Ideally also a phone number we can get back to you on, but if you prefer, email is just fine too.

Once you're done, give us a day or two to compile your HeatMap and a summary of things we think you should be particularly aware of.
Company and Personal Information - this is required in order for us to process and compile the results - please complete as fully as you feel comfortable with.  Nobody other than us is ever going to see your information.

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* 1. Please provide some basic contact information. This and your responses remain confidential at all times.

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* 2. What is your role within your organisation? Pick those that most apply.

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* 3. What Industry are you in?

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* 4. What best describes your sales focus?