A new private school is planning to open in Saratoga Springs, NY. This survey is to get your advice on whether our local community would benefit from this school.

The school is a democratic school, one of more than 100 democratic schools in the USA. As a democratic school, we believe children deserve the right to have a say in their own education. This has two main aspects in our school: first, children self-direct their own education, learning at their own pace and designing their own curriculum; second, students and staff are responsible for the daily decisions at the school.

The school does not administer assessment tests to students. There are no mandatory classes, but rather students take classes based on their unique interests. The private school would initially enroll students in grades K - 3rd, eventually becoming K - 12. Children of all ages would mix together during the day. Field trips and experiential learning are a major part of learning.

Please take a few minutes below to answer some questions regarding your child’s current school situation.

* 1. What type of school is your child currently enrolled in?

* 2. What was the most important factor in deciding to enroll your child in their current school?

* 3. How satisfied are you with your child's current school?

* 4. What do you like most about your child’s current school? What do you like least about your child’s current school?

* 5. What are your biggest frustrations and concerns regarding your child’s education?

* 6. What goals do you have for your child’s education?

* 7. If there was a school that promised you the results you wanted, would you be willing to pay to send your child there?

* 8. How much would you be willing to pay in yearly tuition for private school?

* 9. Based on the brief description provided at the beginning of the survey, would you consider enrolling your child at this school?

* 10. Do you believe this school would be successful if it were established in Saratoga Springs, NY?