The Milford Schools Foundation provides grants that support the academic programs, services and capital improvement projects of the Milford Exempted Village School District. Grants will be awarded to support traditional academic subjects, the arts, music, technology, athletics, emergency funds, special education, and other high impact projects.

Applications may be made by individuals or groups.

Consideration will be given to proposals that:

· Impact a large number of students.

· Have the potential to make a significant impact or change.

· Have matching funds if possible.

· Demonstrate the lack of other available supporting funding.

· Will be used for projects that provide long term value.

· Enhance and augment, but not duplicate, the standard school curriculum.

· Demonstrate partnerships between teachers, schools, and academic disciplines.

Question Title

* 1. Name of Project

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* 2. Financial Guidelines

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* 3. Type of activity

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* 4. Applicant Information

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* 5. Total grant amount requested

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* 6. Total amount of project

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* 7. Have you requested funding from the Foundation before?

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* 8. Project description -- Briefly summarize the project for which you are requesting funds, including how it will support/enhance student learning or the student experience.