* 1. For what purposes are you most likely to go to the library? Please choose as many as apply to you.

* 2. Libraries are offering new formats and services and evolving from quiet places to borrow books into centers of community activity. Many people are using the library in different ways than in the past. How has your library use changed in the past few years? Choose all that apply.

* 3. The Windsor Locks Public Library offers many online resources through our web site, www.windsorlockslibrary.org, including downloadable e-Books and audio. The state of Connecticut also provides multiple databases to Connecticut library card holders through iConn.org. Let us know which resources you have used.

* 4. The library uses several social media platforms and local newspapers, plus fliers and hand-outs, to advertise our programming and fundraisers. How do you usually find out about events at the library? Choose all that apply.

* 5. Please let us know your suggestions for improvements to our collections (additional formats, changes in shelving, quantity, quality, etc.), programming (ideas for presentations or classes), and services. If you are NOT a library user, please let us know why. We appreciate your time and your ideas!