Joe Bonamassa and Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea are committed to bringing you a unique cruise vacation with the best and brightest Blues talent under the sun. We've been doing some thinking... In addition to our traditional Caribbean cruise, what if we added another annual sailing in the Mediterranean? You, Joe, loads of amazing Blues stars, all aboard a floating festival in Europe!

We would love your feedback about this exciting new idea. Check out the video below to see some highlights from our 2017 sailing, and then sound off in the survey below. Let us hear you, Blues Fans!

* 1. We would be sailing from Barcelona, Spain in August of 2019. Where would you like to go?

* 2. How many port stops would you like to make during the journey?

* 3. Which of these cruise options would you prefer?

*Note: These rates do not include airfare and lodging before or after the cruise. They are based on double occupancy on board. The average cost per person comes down with additional guests in your cabin. Price includes cabin fare, all shows on board, a la carte and buffet meals daily, coffee, tea, juice, water, access to duty free shopping, fitness center, pool, jacuzzis, casino and more.

* 4. What type of cabin do you think you would like ?

* 5. How many additional guests would be traveling with you?

* 6. Who would you want to bring on this vacation?

* 7. Have you vacationed on a cruise before?

* 8. Have you sailed on Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea in the past? If so, in which year(s)? Please mark all that apply.

* 9. Have you ever traveled outside of your home country to see Joe Bonamassa perform?

* 10. If yes, where did you see Joe perform?

* 11. Besides Joe Bonamassa, who would you like to see play on Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea: Europe Edition?

* 12. How likely are you to join us on Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea if we sail out of Europe?

* 13. Where do you live?

* 14. What is your age?

* 15. What is your gender?

* 16. May we send you further questions or updates in the future?

* 17. As we explore the idea of a European sailing, is there anything else you would like to share with us?