We're delighted to welcome Dr. Eve Sobel as she joins Dr. Kanner and staff at Orchard Health Care.

For Dr. Sobel’s patients who are considering following her to Orchard Health Care
Dr. Sobel and Dr. Kanner share the same outlook on patient care — to provide each individual with thorough, technically accurate and well-supported health care with emphasis on prevention and education. This has been the focus of Orchard Health Care for over a decade. Dr. Sobel believes her much greater patient time availability and support resources at Orchard Health Care will enable her to more effectively achieve that goal for her patients.

For current Orchard Health Care members
Dr. Sobel is a graduate of Tufts Medical School and has practiced in the Newton-Wellesley Hospital primary care network for the past 15 years. She is highly respected professionally. She and Dr. Kanner share the same outlook on patient care. We enthusiastically look forward to her integrating into Orchard Health Care starting in July.

Meet-and-Greet Sessions in May and June
Orchard Health Care will offer five “meet-and-greet” opportunities for Dr. Sobel’s patients to come to our offices to do due diligence, meet our nursing and admin staff, and speak to Dr. Sobel and Dr. Kanner, as well as for current Orchard Health Care patients to be introduced to Dr. Sobel.

We hope to help all Dr. Sobel’s patients acquire sufficient direct information about Orchard Health Care to make an informed decision about joining the practice, and for Orchard Health Care members to begin to get to know her. Current patients of both physicians can exchange experiences and opinions and thereby enrich each other’s understanding about the new combined practice.

The meet-and-greet sessions will be at the Orchard Health Care offices at 210 Bear Hill Road, Suite 304, Waltham, MA 02451.

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