* 1. At what age did you first start regularly attending dance classes?

* 2. Thinking back to that first time, what was it that made you want to go to dance lessons?

* 3. What type of dancing class did you attend? Please select all that apply

* 4. Which, of the following comments, would you say most applied to your dance training?

* 5. Thinking about your last answer, what were the reasons for your decision?

* 6. Did you feel motivated in your dance lessons?

* 7. Thinking about your answer to the previous question, which of the following affected how motivated you felt?

* 8. Which, if any, of the following would you consider to be areas that would affect student motivation in dance class? (Categories taken from Motivation in the College Classroom: What Students Tell Us by Edmund J. Sass (1989))

* 9. Finally, please comment about anything else that you feel motivated or demotivated you as a dance student