Accreditation Waiver Regulation

This form is for schools requesting waivers from QPA regulations -- K.A.R. 91-31-32 through 91-31-42. This form is NOT for licensure waivers related to K.A.R. 91-31-19(b)(1). For licensure waivers, please use Form 16 in authenticated applications (

K.A.R. 91-31-42
(a)  Any school may request a waiver from one or more accreditation requirements imposed by the state board. Each request for a waiver shall meet the following requirements:
(1)  The school shall make the request, in writing, to the commissioner of education.
(2)  The chief administrative officer of the school shall sign the request.  If the request is made by a public school, both the superintendent and the president of the local school board shall sign the request.
(3)  In the request, the school shall state the specific requirement or requirements for which the school is requesting a waiver and shall indicate how the granting of the waiver would enhance improvement at the school.
(b)  Within 30 days after the receipt of a request for a waiver, a recommendation shall be made by the commissioner of education to the state board to either grant or deny the request.
(c)  The request and the recommendation from the commissioner of education shall be considered by the state board, and the final decision on whether to grant or deny the request shall be made by the state board.