1. Intro to Cell Biology Lab Exit Survey F13:

Choose the answer that most closely describes your agreement with the following statements referring to the LAB portion of BISC110/112 Introduction to Cell Biology:

* 1. I am glad that this course had a lab component.

* 2. The concepts covered in lab were interesting.

* 3. The concepts that we covered in lab were relevant to my personal life.

* 4. I am considering biology, biochemistry, or neuroscience as a major.

* 5. The lab portion of this course was challenging.

* 6. I enjoyed the lab portion of the course.

* 7. Approximately how many hours per week OUTSIDE OF SCHEDULED LAB TIME did you devote to the lab component of BISC 110/112?

* 8. In future semesters we are considering offering a session through the Science Librarian on how to use the citation organization software Endnote, as well as how to search for publications using Google Scholar and Pubmed. This would require 70 minutes of your time outside of class. Is this something you would have attended?