One of the Kansas Lottery’s primary objectives is to maintain and enhance the positive working relationship between the Lottery and you, our valued retailer. To help accomplish this, we are asking you to answer a few questions.

* 1. Do you feel the number of games (online and instant) the Kansas Lottery offers is:

* 2. Do you and your clerks feel fully informed about operating the Lottery terminal?

* 3. Would you or your clerks welcome additional lottery training?

* 4. Do you and your clerks suggest lottery purchases to your customers?

* 5. Are you aware of promotions and second-chance drawings the Kansas Lottery offers?

* 6. Do you refer customers to the Kansas Lottery website for information?

* 7. What do you think of the amount of in-store advertising pieces the Lottery provides for you?

* 8. In general, do you feel the Lottery does enough advertising of its products (radio, TV, print, billboards, in-store)?

* 9. Do you read the Kansas Retailers publication?

* 10. Do your players pick up the Kansas Winners publication in your store?

* 11. Are you aware of the 1-888-892-8589 number you can call if you need instant ticket inventory?

* 12. How can the Kansas Lottery help you sell more tickets?

* 13. Do you have any other suggestions for the Kansas Lottery?