1. Your training experience

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SpikyOrange is trying to determine whether there is enough demand for live on-line training, delivered as a regular webinar that is extremely cost-effective for the trainee.

Our mission is to provide excellent training at a fraction of the cost usually incurred by an employer, with the hope that an individual would consider it easily.

Typical costs for an intensive 4-day Java programming course is £1,800, excluding travel, accommodation and food. For the employer there is also the hidden cost of you not sitting at your desk!

Subject to demand, SpikyOrange would like to launch with a couple of Java courses, with the intention to scale this up to many topics (not just JAVA / technical).

Your help with this survey will shape how this will evolve. We appreciate your time in participating in this quick survey.

Thank you!

* 1. What type of training have you received in the past, please rate how much you think you benefited from each of them. "I learnt..."

  nothing a little just enough more than I expected N/A
e-learning (CD / web)
Professional course (1 day)
Professional course (2-3 days)
Professional course (4+ days)