Dear Parent,

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. We value your opinion as a school partner and participant in the school improvement process. Your answers will help us decide how to best use federal funds for teacher training and for providing support for our parents. Your answers are confidential and you will never be identified.

Thank you very much for your help.

* 1. What grade level(s) is your child(ren)? (Check all that apply)

* 2. In which of the following programs does your child participate? (Please select all that apply).

* 3. Please rate the following

  Non-existent Not much Sometimes Nearly all the time Excellent, Always without fail
Customer service at your child's school.
Customer service at the board of education
My school's administration makes my child(ren) a priority in the school.
My school's administration is accessible and professional when I reach out to them.

* 4. How are we doing providing you with quality customer service?  Are we punctual in replying to your concerns?  Do we provide a welcoming environment when you visit or contact our schools and offices?  Are you provided courteous and professional treatment from all staff?  Please rate the following:

  Non-existent, short and rude. Sometimes is moody and slow in returning calls and/or emails. Nearly all the time responds in a positive and timely manner. Excellent, Always makes me feel welcome
Customer service from the receptionist at the front desk. (School-level)
Customer service from the school principal, director, or other administrators. (School-level)
Customer service from my child's teachers. (School-level)
Customer service from Student Services (BOE Office)
Customer service from all other district-level offices.

* 5. Does your child's/children's school(s) actively seek your input on the following?

Title I School Improvement Plan
Title I School Budget
Parent Engagement Policy
Parent Engagement 1% set-aside
Parent/School Compact
Needs Assessment
Dress Code Policy
Discipline Policies/Procedures

* 6. My child's teacher(s): (Please select one answer).