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A partnership with FarmFolk CityFolk, the mission of Young Agrarians (YA) is to grow the next generation of ecological farmers and food lovers in Canada. We are focused on BC for 2012-14 with the aim to go national through regional partnerships into the future. Ecological refers to un-certified, transitional or certified organic production methods.

In order to guide our current and long-term directions, we're looking for input and feedback from you to understand what new farmers need on the ground.

Your participation in this survey can be anonymous and each question is optional. Your contact information and identification will not be published or used in any way without your consent. We will not sell or share your contact information.

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Robin Tunnicliffe - Researcher, Farmer
Sara Dent - BC Young Agrarians Coordinator


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* 6. What is the size of your operation?

* 7. My farm is in the Agricultural Land Reserve:

* 8. I describe the agricultural method(s) that I use to farm as (e.g. natural, certified or un-certified organic, bio-dyanmic, SPIN, etc.):

* 9. How long have you been farming?

* 10. Do you come from a farming background?

* 11. How did you get started farming and why?

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