February 22, 2023
10:30 AM in the SC State House Lobby

Engineers play an important role in society, and it's vital that we make our voices heard in our community and by South Carolina legislators. If we do not, another industry – perhaps with interests at odds with our own – is likely to fill the space we leave. SC legislators are constantly voting on bills that affect our profession, such as licensure, infrastructure funding, and environmental permitting, to name a few.
If we don't have a seat at the legislative table, we will be overlooked and unheard. That's why we need to be present and persistent. Help us promote the engineering profession to state legislators so we can serve as the primary resource for industry issues. 
ACEC-SC is partnering with engineering associations across the state to host Engineers' Day on The Hill. The purpose of this day, in conjunction with Engineers' Week, is to educate legislators on the important and diverse roles that engineers play in our community and to increase our presence and voice in the public policy process.
ACEC-SC's goal is to educate legislators on the importance of our profession and to speak on why engineers need to be a part of the conversation on The Hill. 
If you would like to speak to your representatives about a current piece of legislation, you are welcome to do so. We will provide a handout to leave with them. We will also have staff in the building that day to help you if needed.
If you have questions, the following individuals are representing the partnering organizations to assist you. We are also maintaining a FAQ about the day located here. 

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