You’re probably thinking differently about retirement living. We’d like to know how differently!
Broadview – Senior Living at Purchase College will offer older adults the opportunity to learn, mentor and engage with students in a vibrant college setting, while living in an environment that will rival any existing retirement community. If this concept intrigues you, we invite you to share your views by taking this 10-minute survey. Your participation will help guide us as we create this unique senior living environment on the Purchase College campus.

All answers provided will be kept strictly confidential. If you’re unable to complete a question, please continue with the remainder of the survey to the best of your ability.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your thoughts about moving to a senior living community? (Please check all that apply.)

* 2. Please indicate how worried you are about the following:

  Not at all worried Somewhat worried Very worried
Becoming a financial burden to children/others
Burdening children/others with making financial and care decisions on my behalf
Being unable to keep up my home and/or property
Finding a care provider I can trust
Living for many years in an assisted living or skilled nursing home because of physical frailty or long-term illness
Financial hardship due to the high costs of long-term care
Being lonely
Having nothing to do
Staying health in mind and body

* 3. What residence layout would you likely prefer if you moved to a senior living community?

* 4. How many bathrooms would you prefer in your residence if you moved to a senior living community?

* 5. Studies show that wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and vocational well-being – is the key to older adults maintaining their physical and mental acuity and their quality of life. How important would the presence of a multidimensional wellness program be in influencing your choice of a senior living community?

* 6. Does retiring on a college campus with opportunities for intergenerational learning, creativity and mentoring appeal to you?

* 7. If you were to move to a senior living community, how important would the following be in influencing your choice to move?

  Not at all important Not very important Neutral Somewhat important Very important
An active community
Nutrition counseling
Personal trainer and supervised fitness
Maintenance-free living (housekeeping, internal and external maintenance, landscaping)
Health and wellness (staying healthy) opportunities
Lifelong learning opportunities
Activities and interest areas located within the community
Access to home health care
Location near family/friends
Location near my current home
Location near shopping, dining, theater and museums
Reputation of sponsor/developer
Not-for-profit community committed to its residents
Value for cost
Size of accommodations
Access to multiple levels of care (assisted living and memory care), if ever needed
Availability of rehabilitation services following an accident, illness, etc.
Ability to customize my residence (appliances, cabinets, flooring, etc.)
Choices in dining venues within the community
Technology (availability of high bandwidth Wi-Fi)  

* 8. If you were to move to a senior living community, which of the following would you want to be located within the community? (Please check all that apply.)

* 9. Prior to receiving this questionnaire, how familiar were you with this senior living community being planned on the Purchase College campus?

* 10. Based on your knowledge of Broadview, how likely are you to consider moving to Broadview in your lifetime?

* 11. Purchase College is committed to being a community where learning happens at any age. By adding a senior living community, Purchase is fulfilling its vision of education as a lifelong continuum. The project will also be a source of revenue for the school. Per legislation passed in 2011, 75% of proceeds will fund student scholarships, and the remaining 25% will fund faculty hiring and support. How important is this as you consider your senior living options?

* 12. If you’d consider Broadview as your future home, what do you anticipate your time frame might be for choosing a new home?

* 13. Please select any of the following retirement seminar topics that interest you. (Check all that apply.)

The following will be used for classification purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential.

* 14. Please provide your ZIP code:

* 15. Please indicate the year in which you were born:

* 16. Please indicate your marital status:

* 17. Which of the following best approximates your total annual household income from all sources last year? Please consider income from stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions, annuities, wages and salaries, social security, or other income source(s) not listed.

* 18. What is the approximate value of your current residence and other real estate holdings?

* 19. To stay up to date with Broadview - Senior Living at Purchase College, please provide your contact information: (Name and Email are required.)

* 20. Would like to speak to a representative about the project?

* 21. Additional comments:

Legal:  This advertisement is not an offering. It is a solicitation of interest in the advertised property. No offering of the advertised units can be made and no deposits can be accepted, or reservations, binding or nonbinding, can be made until an offering plan is filed with the New York State Department of Law. This advertisement is made pursuant to Cooperative Policy Statement No. 1, issued by the New York State Department of Law.

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