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Broward County Survey: The 2-1-1 Broward Special Needs Hotline provides FREE comprehensive information and referrals to over 500 social service programs for children and youth with Special Needs. Please take a moment to complete this brief questionnaire in order to share your thoughts and help identify specific programs and services in Broward County that you've found to be most helpful in accommodating children with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Call a Special Needs Counselor at 2-1-1 or 954-537-0211 for assistance or referrals.
For more info visit: www.211-broward.org/specialneeds.htm

Thank you for your time and consideration.

* 1. Have you contacted the 2-1-1 Broward Special Needs Hotline in the past 12 months?

* 3. What do you feel is the one (1) major obstacle to providing effective care to children and young adults with special needs?

* 4. Do you find your child or young adult's physician and / or medical professional knowledgeable about their disability?

* 5. Can you identify a Medical Professional, Physician, or Dental Provider that you feel is most helpful in serving individuals with special needs? Please share their contact info. Also, are there any additional programs or services that you found helpful? Please include their contact information if available.

* 6. Select One: How would you rate the quality of the following services for you and your child in Broward County?
[Excellent]-My needs are completely met in this area. || [Moderate]-Some improvement is needed || [Poor]-Help and improvement are needed in this area. || [N/A]-Does not apply.

  Excellent Moderate Poor N/A
Maintaining Basic Needs (Food, Utilities, Housing)
Receiving Medical Care / Receiving Medical Equipment
Therapy / Health Insurance Needs / Medicaid Needs
Respite Care
Out of School Time / Day and After Care / Summer School
Parent Supports
Advocacy Services
Jobs / Transitional Supports
Education / Training / School Tutoring
Social / Recreational Needs

* 7. Compared to three years ago, my child has more opportunities and access to services.

* 8. Compared to three years ago, our community has become more accepting and accomodating to individuals with disabilities.

* 9. Thank you! Your opinion is important to us. May we contact you to follow-up on your answers to this survey or to help you find Special Needs resources? (*Local Broward numbers only) If yes, please leave your contact information below and a Special Needs Counselor will call you shortly. [Also, dial 2-1-1 (Monday-Friday) and ask to speak to the Special Needs Counselor for immediate assistance.]