About Spark

Held annually since 2017, the Spark Film Initiative Darwin International Film Festival / Screen Territory joint initiative designed to foster the skills and careers of emerging filmmakers in the Northern Territory. Each edition results in the funding and completion of up to 5 original short films which are premiered at the Darwin International Film Festival.

What's new in 2020:

1. Partnership with ABC:
  a.  The Spark films will broadcast on ABC National;
  b.  The teams will receive $25,000 in production funding each.

2. Editorial - each Spark film must:
   a.  be in factual (documentary) form;
   b.  be a maximum of 10 minutes in run-time including credits;
   c.  relate to the Spark 2020 theme, "Intergenerational relationships";
   d.  feature the work of a Northern Territory composer or musician for its score.

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Important notes on this submission form:
  • Applications are to be made to the Darwin International Film Festival through this form exclusively;
  • All attachments must be provided in the form of a shareable url, either GoogleDrive or DropBox;
  • Accepted files: pdf, xls, doc, (pdf preferred) for written document, mp4 preferred for video;
  • To help prepare your application, find a list of all required documents here;
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your submission is complete and accurate. Incomplete applications may not be considered.
Assessment Criteria:
Submissions will be assessed competitively by a panel on its merits against the following criteria:
  • Originality of the idea and its relationship to the theme of ‘Intergenerational relationships’
  • The strength of the creative team and its perceived ability to deliver the project
  • The strength of the creative vision
  • The feasibility to execute the proposed project on the submitted budget and within the time deliverable time frame
  • The engagement and use of NT music for the film preferably specifically composed and produced for the project.
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