The vision of creating a rich and loving global culture for all!

If you read the email that also has the Wellness Weavers Rationale for the new Model WOMAN PowerPoint, then you can skip this question.  

Wellness Weavers is an organization that has an actual campus that has served as a pilot project for the culmination of a rural nurse's diverse 40-year work history, twelve scholarships, continuing education, mission trips,  and her intergenerational family-centered heath and wellness lifetime practice.   The mission is healthy people and healthy well FUNctional communities.

As a wholistic vision that started as a sole proprietorship, it became a tax-exempt organization with a small Board in May 2015 and joined as one of the eight global projects within the new civilian lead global MAN, Mutual Aid Network that are launched and developing this November.  

Wellness Weavers has been involved with three long-term homeless people ending their homelessness in the last four years however surprisingly, the efforts to bring all the stake-holding agencies involved together for a collaborative effort failed.  Every agency involved cited lack of time, staff, and resources as the reason for their inability to be involved in a collaborative new paradigm for a comprehensive community based health and wellness system.

To address the issue of time, resources, and staff to address the lack of case management for social justice issues,   Wellness Weavers is now trying the WEBEX format to help us all work smarter instead of harder.  

The richness of differently gifted positive thinkers and action-takers to collaborate to consensus efficiently with the WEBEX platform will allow us all to learn the platform to facilitate individualized and corporate just in time informed positive decisions that document the input each collaborator in their own words that lead to the consensus decision that was confirmed to be "Good enough for now and safe enough to try."  

Wellness Weavers are coming together from diverse backgrounds of spirituality but with the common goal of inner peace, family peace, peace in communities and for the globe to heal and revitalize.  

Collectively and due to the richness of our diversity and commitment to being kind and respectful, we can untangle the threads of social injustices that have been blocking or interfering with maximal productive use of our time, talents, and resources.  

We are committed to using the greenest and leanest technologies to open the multiple pathways to let best practices for communication, problem-solving, inform our collaborative action-taking decisions.  

The goal is to practice and test out methods that will engage all stakeholders to solve the social and health and wellness problems WITH, instead of for, families, communities, and the multi-cultural global.  

We are attracting the global team that do want what is best for all people and the world. 

Everyone in their local areas deserve access to safe water, safe food, safe housing, safe transportation, safe learning and service opportunities free from exploitation and violence.