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October is Manufacturing Month, and we're on a mission to engage learners and our future workforce!

As NE Manufacturing Month kicks off in October, manufacturers and related industries are using our collective energies to connect with our future creators on a scale like never before and introduce them to careers that cater to their interests right here at home!

Our mission is to celebrate NE Manufacturing Month in our communities with actions as simple as posting about manufacturing month and your operation on social media or hosting a tour for students.

How to join:

  1. Accept the Mission: Possible!
  2. Provide contact information to receive newsletters and resources throughout the year to help you build your workforce for tomorrow.
  3. Plan your student and educator outreach activities using the NE Manufacturing Alliance Mission: Possible Toolkit, designed for manufacturers by manufacturers.
  4. Provide basic details on your outreach plan for Manufacturing Month. (This information allows others in the manufacturing community to promote your work and track success.)
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