* 1. How easy was the online registration process for Compassionate Thanksgiving?

* 2. Do you feel you received all the information you needed before attending Compassionate Thanksgiving?

* 3. How quick was the check-in process at the event?

* 4. Did you volunteer for Compassionate Thanksgiving this year?

* 5. We are considering continuing to expand Compassionate Thanksgiving, which may mean a slight price increase. Are you in favor of this?

* 6. We are also considering moving Compassionate Thanksgiving to a more formal venue space. Are you in favor of moving Compassionate Thanksgiving to a different venue next year?

* 7. Another option we are considering is to have Compassionate Thanksgiving as a catered event, either at a restaurant or a separate venue. This would mean more flexibility for attendees, as well as not having to worry about making a dish, but it would also mean a price increase. Would you be in favor of this change?

* 8. What improvements could be made to Compassionate Thanksgiving?

* 9. Overall, what was your favorite part of Compassionate Thanksgiving?

* 10. How likely are you to attend Compassionate Thanksgiving next year?

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