Potential Need for a Summer Part-Time Bursary

We are asking for your feedback to evaluate the need for a bursary during the spring/summer term for students studying part-time.  Your input is appreciated as it will impact how the program is administered. We are considering starting this program in the spring of 2019.  Many Thanks!

* 1. Have you applied for OSAP for Part-Time Students before?

* 2. Did you receive grant and loan funding through the OSAP for Part-Time Students program?

* 3. Is the spring/summer term a structured part of your program's curriculum?    Example:  Medical Radiation offers a 15 unit spring/summer term

* 4. Did you take more than one course when you last applied for OSAP for Part-Time Students during the spring/summer term?

* 5. Why did you take courses during the spring/summer term?

* 6. Have you ever dropped or cancelled a spring and/or summer course?

* 7. Would you apply if the maximum value of the bursary was the tuition and fees for one course?

* 8. Would you apply if eligibility for the bursary was based upon not applying for OSAP for Part-Time Students?

* 9. What are your concerns when applying for funding in the spring/summer term?

* 10. Are you familiar with Ministry policies regarding academic progress and overpayments and how they can impact OSAP?