This questionaire is being sent to you on behalf of Gade Surgery Patient Participation Group which has been formed to represent the views of all our patients.The group is currently small but welcomes new members to attend occasional meetings at which we hope to discuss patient concerns and ways of improving the service we provide.

Under the direction of the Patient Participation Group we are undertaking a survey to review the service patients receive from us and hopefully to find areas we can work on. Please take a few minutes to complete and return this form to the practice, ticking the relevant box(s) and add your comments.

* 1. How would you rate our Reception team in relation to the following areas?

  Excellent Very Good Average Poor Very Poor
Understanding my needs

* 2. If you have contacted our Reception team recently, how confident do you feel that your request will be actioned?

  Please tick one
I have always had my requests dealt with promptly
My requests are dealt with but I have had to wait longer than I expected
I have had to contact the surgery more than once with the same request

* 3. In reception area, do you feel that other patients can hear what you say to the Receptionist?

  please tick one
Yes but I don't mind
Yes and I am not very happy about it
No, I don't feel that other patients can overhear

* 4. Did you know that we have introduced a 24 hour telephone booking system at the surgery. Do you find this helpful?

  Please tick one
I like the telephone booking system, it saves time
I like the booking system, I can make an appointment any time
I find the telephone booking system difficult to use
I prefer to book in with a member of staff
Don't know

* 5. How informative do you find the notice boards in the Waiting Room?

  Please tick one
Very useful
Not at all useful
Nothing of interest

* 6. How easy is it for you to get through to us on the telephone

* 7. Gade Surgery Practice Website

* 8. Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form Age Group

  Please tick one box
65 and over

* 9. Gender

  Please tick one box