Knowledge of Active Learning

What is Active Learning? Compared to a lecture format, active learning (AL) is defined as any instructional method that engages learners in the learning process. In short, AL requires learners to participate in meaningful learning activities, think about and analyze what they are doing and learning. Examples of AL methods include: think-pair share, pause procedure during a lecture, or case-based discussions. 

For explanations of the official AL terms, please see Teaching Practice Terminology Tip Sheet for details.

Note: for all questions you will need to complete all answers before moving to the next question or page.

The following abbreviations will be used throughout the questionnaire:
AL = Active Learning; CE = Continuing Education; CME = Continuing Medical Education.  

The first set of questions will ask you about your knowledge of active learning.                         

Question Title

* 1. Have you completed or participated in any of the following formal or informal training and/or program activities that included instruction about AL?

  Yes No
A Certificate, Master's, or Doctor of Education degree that included information about AL methods
CE program in your Institution that included information about AL format
National CE programs (e.g., annual conferences) that included information about AL 
On-line courses about AL
CE credits awarded by Medical Education journals (e.g., writing or peer review)
Self-study about AL
Other degree program

Question Title

* 2. How knowledgeable do you perceive yourself about AL as an educational method?

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