* 1. "Developing young people of good character with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the increasingly connected global society".
Does this vision reflect what you believe is the role of education?

* 2. Are you clear on the intention of the school vision?

* 3. Do you think there is an alignment between the vision and the direction the school is going?

* 4. List four strengths of our school

* 5. List four challenges facing our school?

* 6. Our description of ourselvess says "Learning is our focus, we are diverse, inclusive and caring".
Does this statement adequately describe who we are as a school?

* 7. How do we rate as diverse, inclusive and caring?

* 8. We are seeking to assist Maori students to achieve as Maori - how effective are we in this regard?

* 9. We use Restorative Practices to assist our young people to be of good character - How effective are we in this regard?