* 1. Please name the College with which you have been involved. If you have knowledge of more than one institute please complete the survey multiple times.

* 2. What is the enrollment of this institution? (your best guess)

* 3. In what capacity did you gain your knowledge of this program?

* 4. Can students receive academic credit for singing in the choir?

* 5. How many credit hours do students receive for completing one term or semester of choir? (please give the normal credits hours for an academic course; 3 for academic course 1 for choir for example)

* 6. What is the total number of ensemble credit which a student may count towards graduation?

* 7. Do students receive a grade or pass/fail for participation in ensembles?

* 8. At your institution, how many courses constitute a full teaching load?

* 9. How many teaching credits does one receive for directing an ensemble? (as opposed to a full academic class)

* 10. Would you be comfortable being contacted for additional information? If yes, please provide your name and email.

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