Welcome to Berkeley Laboratory's Annual Performance Management Process Survey

Purpose of the Study

This survey is being conducted to provide Human Resources and Laboratory Management with information from the workforce as part of continuing efforts to improve Berkeley Lab’s Performance Management Process. The first step in gathering information is to listen to employees and understand what aspects of the process are working and what areas need improvement. Your input will help identify areas to improve the Performance Management Review Process.
Laboratory Management and Human Resources will together evaluate the information and make decisions regarding actions to improve the process and experience. We expect that future surveys may address not only potential changes to the process, but may also measure effectiveness of these new improvements. Berkeley National Laboratory wants to hear from you.

Confidential Disclaimer

Berkeley National Laboratory would like to obtain your opinion on various aspects of your experiences, opinions, and suggestions to improve the Performance Review process. The survey contains 21-questions and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Your responses to this survey are completely voluntary and confidential. The information you provide will only be reported at the lab-wide level. Individual responses are anonymous and will not be distributed. 
Additional Information

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November 2017