A+W-NZ is a non-profit organisation that aims to reduce barriers for all who work in the field of architecture.

* 1. Please choose the best description from the list below of your type of workplace;

* 2. Does your workplace offer flexible working hours / part-time / job-share positions? If so, does this help or hinder the projects and the work environment?

* 3. Is parental leave offered equally to male and female staff (beyond the initial 2-12 week period after the birth of baby)? How common is it for male parents to work in a flexible or part-time capacity in your workplace?

* 4. a.) Are you aware of unconscious bias that may exist in your workplace?
b.) If so, has it directly affected you?
('Unconscious bias' is a term used to describe the positive and negative actions of a person or people which are not planned. Research has shown that while a lot of unconscious bias behaviour may be beneficial, it tends to work against those who do not belong to the dominant group. In the construction industry, this can mean it works against women and other minorities.)

* 5. In NZ, there exists a 12-14% gap in the salaries between genders. Are you aware of any differences in pay rates between men and women, for equal or similar roles and responsibilities, in your area of work?

* 6. State one or more things about your workplace that makes it a fair, enjoyable, rewarding and productive environment to work in. (Please tick one or several of the '4 P's' below, and provide a brief description of why/how etc in the comment box below)

* 7. Please use this space to continue with any of your answers, or to write anything specifically that you wish to add;

Thank you for your time and thoughts, from the team at Architecture+Women-NZ.
All information gathered through this survey will be used to by A+W-NZ to develop data on equity (beyond gender) in architectural practices in NZ. All information retained is anonymous.  A+W-NZ will contribute to the NZIA / IPENZ Equity Guidelines taskforce.