In an effort to improve our programs, we ask that you complete this survey.  We would appreciate any constructive feedback that will help us be excellent in the following district priorities:
1.  Positive Relationships & Communication        2. Student Achievement
3. Staff Development              4. Facilities
Your positive comments will help us ensure your student's limits, no excuses!

* 1. Please indicate your student's grade.

Positive Relationships:

* 2. My child has a positive relationship with 1 or more adult/s on campus.

* 3. CES/MVMS are positive learning environments for my student/s.



* 5. I am satisfied with the communication between school and home.  (i.e. phone calls, autodialer, newsletters, emails, and district/school websites)

* 6. Effective two-way communication is occurring between the teachers and parents.

* 7. Communication, emails and phone calls with teachers and office staff are responded to within 36 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.



* 9. My child feels safe at school

* 10. My child has experienced unprovoked, repeated, and aggressive actions done with the intent to do physical or emotional harm to him/her.
If 'Yes', answer 11 & 12.  If 'No', skip to Student Achievement & Support Programs.

* 11. The incident was reported to the school.
Only answer if you answered 'Yes' to #10.

* 12. If yes, was the incident handled properly by school administration?
Only answer if you answered 'Yes' to #10.


Student Achievement & Support Programs:

* 14. I am satisfied with my student's educational progress.

* 15. I am satisfied with the after-school CARE program.

* 16. I am satisfied with the timeliness of grade reporting.



* 18. I am satisfied with how the school facilities are maintained.


Open Comment:

* 20. Please tell us something positive that you like about your child's school.  It may be a class, teacher or CESD staff member, or just something that you would like to see the school continue.

* 21. Please provide any suggestions for improvement.

Your time and feedback are greatly appreciated.  If you ever have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call administration at the numbers listed below.
Columbia Elementary School Principal: Cortney Pratt ( or 223-4070 ext. 201
Mountain View Middle School Principal: Shannon Angstadt ( or 221-5224 ext. 704